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Fauna at the 7 Dams Conservancy

Seven Dams and the broader area is a mix of habitats, grassland, wetlands and woody shrublands with shallow soils, flat open expanses of bedrock, sheet rock and steep hill slopes. This variety of terrain provides numerous niches for animals, from insects to small antelope species. There are several endemic animal species, which add to the rich biodiversity of the unique terrain found in this area of Bloemfontein.

A total of 367 animal species is recorded for the area, with 2 endemics found within the grassland (one Spider, one Scorpion). One species is facing the imminent threat of extinction and 4 species have insufficient data to determine if they are Endangered, Vulnerable or Threatened. An endemic animal or plant species is one that is found only in that area, generally a small geographic region. In some cases it may only be several square meters.

Grey Heron

Black and Red Grasshopper